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Windows Update Oct. 10th Some Systems Will Crash.

Microsoft Warns: Windows 10 Major Update will crash some systems.

Windows Major Update For All
Major Headaches For Some

Microsoft warns of potential system damage with the next update of Windows 10 due October 10th 2018.   This is a major update full of new features and  OS additions, scheduled only twice each year.  

They point out most of  the previous failures happened because the update was larger than the amount of available storage on the system. 

  The update does not bother checking before installing if space is available.   It totally could, it just doesn’t.    They are not doing anything to avoid the issues outside of spreading word in articles like this one.

There is something you can do to avoid potential turmoil, before the updates begin.   First, you know this is coming — you should always backup your data regularly to at least 3 different copies minimum if it’s important to you!    But to avoid the update problem you should verify you have enough free storage space for the update by checking your system now.

Microsoft  spec’s recommend:  Minimum of 16GB for 32 bit OS’s and Minimum of 20Gb for 64Bit OS’s.  I would add a little extra wiggle room there if  possible and allow for 35-40GB minimum myself.

Now, hope everything goes smoothly like windows updates are known for. Yeah, right! We’re doomed!   Just kidding!   But seriously cross your fingers that day!


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